India’s April 2022 Energy Trade Highlights Revealed

New Delhi, India – In the latest snapshot of India’s energy trade, data for April 2022 showcases the nation’s substantial involvement in the global oil and petroleum market. The first 10 records offer a glimpse into the import dynamics of various crucial products.

  1. Crude Oil Soars: India imported a hefty 21,626.17 thousand metric tonnes of crude oil in April, valued at ₹1,28,800.06 Crore ($16,814.64 Million).
  2. LPG Demand Strong: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) imports stood at 1,605.47 thousand metric tonnes, with a value of ₹11,841.53 Crore ($1,548.97 Million).
  3. Naphtha and More: Naphtha imports recorded 35.36 thousand metric tonnes, indicating a robust trade in diverse petroleum products.
  4. Fuel Diversity: While high-speed diesel (HSD) imports accounted for 2.56 thousand metric tonnes, a variety of products like LOBS/Lube Oil, Fuel Oil, Bitumen, and Petcoke saw significant trade activities.

This data underscores India’s pivotal role in shaping global energy markets and highlights the nation’s diversified energy needs. The figures provide valuable insights for stakeholders navigating the complex landscape of international energy trade.