French Foreign Trade and Global Demand: Key Figures for Q3-2023 Released

Paris, France – The latest quarterly data on French foreign trade and global demand reveals notable trends from Q1-2005 to Q3-2023. The figures, presented as an index with the base year set at 100 in 2005, offer insights into exports, imports, global demand addressed to France, and global commerce.

Here are the key figures for the third quarter of 2023:

  • Exports: 144.2 (Index)
  • Imports: 160.2 (Index)
  • Global Demand Addressed to France: 170.4 (Index)
  • Global Commerce: 183.0 (Index)

These values indicate a dynamic trade scenario, with exports 44.2% higher than their average level in 2005 during the third quarter of 2023. The global demand addressed to France, representing the hypothetical evolution of exports with constant market shares, stands at an index of 170.4. Overall global commerce is reflected by an index of 183.0.

Comparative data from previous quarters and years illustrate the evolving landscape of French foreign trade and its responsiveness to global demand. The figures are adjusted for seasonal variations and based on revised data.

Note: All figures are presented in volume, and the source data includes contributions from CEPII, CHELEM – International Trade, Insee – National Quarterly Accounts (base 2014), and OECD – Balanced Trade Statistics.

These statistics provide a comprehensive view of France’s economic engagement with the world, shedding light on trade dynamics, market responsiveness, and the broader global commerce landscape.