Environmental Taxes in Spain Show a 3.2% Dip in 2022

In 2022, Spain witnessed a decline in environmental taxes, totaling €20.529 billion, marking a 3.2% decrease from the previous year. Despite comprising 6.2% of the nation’s total taxes, there was a slight drop of nine-tenths compared to 2021. Notably, households took on a more significant role, contributing 49.9% to the overall environmental tax load, a 3.2-point increase from the preceding year.

Breaking down the figures:

  • Total Environmental Taxes: €20.529 billion (Variation: -3.2%)
  • Energy Sector Contributions: €16.555 billion (Variation: -4.4%)
  • Transportation Sector Contributions: €3.012 billion (Variation: +6.8%)
  • Pollution and Resources Contributions: €962 million (Variation: -9.5%)

This data snapshot provides a concise overview of Spain’s environmental taxation landscape, emphasizing changes in contributions across key sectors.