Security Advisory: Vulnerability in WAGO Control Systems

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has issued a security advisory (AV23-715) regarding a vulnerability identified in WAGO control systems. The advisory, published on November 21, 2023, addresses the vulnerability in the following products:

  • Compact Controller CC100 – multiple firmware versions
  • Edge Controller – multiple firmware versions
  • PFC100 – multiple firmware versions
  • PFC200 – multiple firmware versions
  • Touch Panel 600 Series – multiple firmware versions

The advisory strongly recommends users and administrators take the following actions:

  1. Review the Advisory Details:
    • Access the detailed information regarding the vulnerability in the official advisory.
  2. Mitigate the Risk:
    • Implement the suggested mitigations outlined in the advisory to reduce the risk associated with the vulnerability.
  3. Apply Updates:
    • Ensure that necessary updates, as specified in the advisory, are promptly applied to the affected systems.