Norwegian Police Hosts International Delegation to Share Online Policing Expertise

The Norwegian police, particularly the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), is welcoming representatives from various countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Finland, to learn about Norway’s innovative approach to online policing. The focus is on sharing methods developed since 2018, which involve uniformed police presence on social media and gaming platforms. The Norwegian initiative aims to increase police accessibility, foster closer dialogue with citizens, and prevent crime through an open online presence.

Key Points:

  • The Norwegian police, led by NCIS, have had uniformed online patrols since 2018, engaging with the public on social media and gaming platforms.
  • The initiative has resulted in over 2000 messages received each month on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, contributing to online crime prevention.
  • The international delegation, part of the EMPACT Action Week, involves countries collaborating on methods of open online presence, with a special emphasis on gaming.
  • The EMPACT project, a European initiative against criminal threats, serves as a platform for international collaboration, allowing Norway to share its expertise with other European countries.
  • The goal is to inspire interest in open online presence and strengthen crime prevention efforts globally.

International Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: The event, organized as part of the Europol-led EMPACT project, facilitates collaboration among European countries in adopting uniformed online presence as a method to build public trust and prevent crime. The Norwegian police hope that their pioneering work will inspire other countries, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field of online policing.

Preventive Policing and Public Trust: Stine Frydnes Bjelland, Head of the Section for Online Presence at the National Cyber Crime Center at NCIS, emphasizes that the Norwegian police’s goal is to inspire interest in open online presence and strengthen crime prevention efforts beyond Norway’s borders. The use of uniformed online patrols is well-established in Norway, and the hope is that the EMPACT Action Week will lead to increased collaboration and knowledge exchange among international police forces.