NSA Initiates Construction of Joint Cryptologic Center in Colorado

The National Security Agency (NSA) has commenced the groundbreaking for the Joint Cryptologic Center (JCC) at NSA Colorado (NSAC) on Buckley Space Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. Construction of the facility, which will include administrative offices for NSAC Service Cryptologic Elements and the new Rocky Mountain Learning Center, is set to begin next month, with an expected occupancy date in spring 2026.

Key Points:

  • The JCC will house administrative offices for NSAC Service Cryptologic Elements and the Rocky Mountain Learning Center for unclassified training.
  • The project emphasizes collaboration between NSA/CSS Washington and NSAC, underscoring the importance of training in NSA careers.
  • Attendees at the groundbreaking included NSA Executive Director Catherine Aucella, NSAC Director Jenna M. Seidel, and leaders from NSA’s Talent Learning & Development group.

Training and Collaboration: NSAC Director Jenna M. Seidel highlighted the collaborative efforts between NSA/CSS Washington and NSAC, emphasizing the training needs that the new learning center will address for the NSAC workforce. The learning center is expected to offer a modernized and state-of-the-art environment for learning, particularly for Weapons and Space Readiness/TechSIGINT Revitalization members.

Modernization and Support: Randy Westfall, NSA’s Chief of Installations and Logistics, stated that the new facility builds upon the natural collaboration across the military and civilian workforce at NSA/CSS Colorado. The project aims to provide a modernized facility to meet the day-to-day demands of military service elements and the training needs of the workforce.