Decrease in Construction and Civil Engineering Production Index in Norway

Norway has witnessed a 0.4% decrease in the production index for construction and civil engineering activities in October 2023 compared to September 2023. This downturn is reflected across various sectors:

  • Building Construction: -0.9% (Month-on-month), -2.4% (12-month change)
  • Civil Engineering: -0.3% (Month-on-month), -6.2% (12-month change)
  • Specialized Construction: -0.3% (Month-on-month), 1.0% (12-month change)

Analysts attribute the decline to factors such as variations in workdays and public holidays. The overall production index, serving as a key economic indicator, experienced a 0.4% decrease. Monitoring these trends provides insights into the broader economic landscape and may guide future policy considerations.