Insurance and Pension Companies’ Capital Investments – 3rd Quarter 2023

During the third quarter of 2023, the market value of assets invested by insurance and pension companies decreased to 6,794 billion SEK, down from the previous quarter’s 6,951 billion SEK. However, compared to the third quarter of 2022, the market value has increased from 6,355 billion SEK.

Key Highlights for the Quarter:

  • The holdings of stocks and shares by insurance and pension companies decreased by 3.2%, from 4,944 billion SEK to 4,784 billion SEK during the third quarter of 2023.
  • Net transactions for stocks and shares amounted to -6.3 billion SEK during the current quarter.

Life Insurance and Pension Companies:

  • Increase in Money Market Instruments: Money market instruments increased by 11.1 billion SEK or 21%, rising from 52.7 billion SEK to 63.8 billion SEK.
  • Increase in Derivatives: Derivatives saw an increase of 3.7 billion SEK or 20%, from 17.7 billion SEK to 21.4 billion SEK.
  • Increase in Cash and Bank Deposits: Cash and bank deposits increased by 11.2 billion SEK or 10%, from 109.2 billion SEK to 120.4 billion SEK.

Non-life Insurance Companies:

  • Increase in Derivatives: Derivatives increased by 169 million SEK or 50%, from 336 million SEK to 505 million SEK.
  • Increase in Accrued Interest Income: Accrued interest income increased by 0.4 billion SEK or 26%, rising from 1.4 billion SEK to 1.8 billion SEK.
  • Decrease in Other Financial Placements: Other financial placements decreased by 7.7 billion SEK or 84%, from 9.1 billion SEK to 1.4 billion SEK.–och-tjanstepensionsforetagens-kapitalplaceringar-3e-kvartalet-2023/