Sweden Strengthens Defense Cooperation with the USA

In a new agreement between Sweden and the United States, American military forces will gain access to Swedish military bases across 17 locations. This facilitates the storage of military equipment and allows for operations on Swedish territory.

The agreement, known as the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA), enhances the conditions for further development of defense collaboration between the two countries, according to Major General Johan Pekkari, head of the Swedish Armed Forces’ Strategic Unit. He emphasizes that the agreement does not necessarily imply American presence at all 17 locations.

“It is designed to create conditions and provide a high degree of flexibility in the continued operational development of defense cooperation. Together, we will analyze the detailed needs,” stated Major General Pekkari.

The agreement has been negotiated by the Ministry of Defense with the support of the Swedish Armed Forces. It entails, among other things, that American personnel will be subject to U.S. jurisdiction, applying to both military and civilian personnel, as well as their dependents. Suppliers to U.S. forces are also included.

Major General Johan Pekkari notes that the agreement has not yet come into effect, as it requires approval from the parliament and their decision on necessary legislative changes.