Microsoft Releases Critical Security Updates – Cyber Security Advisory

In a recent security advisory (AV23-758), the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has highlighted critical security updates released by Microsoft on December 12, 2023. These updates are designed to address vulnerabilities across a range of Microsoft products, including Windows 10 and 11, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics, spanning multiple platforms.

Key Details:

  1. Affected Products:
    • Windows 10 – multiple platforms
    • Windows 11 – multiple platforms
    • Windows Server – multiple platforms
    • Microsoft Azure – multiple platforms
    • Microsoft Dynamics – multiple platforms
  2. Nature of Updates:
    • The updates released by Microsoft are categorized as critical, indicating the severity of the vulnerabilities being addressed.
  3. Action Recommended:
    • Users and administrators are strongly encouraged to review the provided web links accompanying the advisory.
    • Applying the necessary updates promptly is crucial to enhancing the security posture of systems using the affected Microsoft products.

Security Serial Number: AV23-758

This advisory is part of ongoing efforts to keep users and organizations informed about potential security risks and the necessary steps to mitigate them. Timely application of security updates is essential to safeguarding against potential exploits and cyber threats.

For detailed information and instructions on applying the updates, users are directed to the provided web links in the advisory. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security remains committed to promoting cybersecurity awareness and resilience across the digital landscape.