Italy’s Regional Well-being Report 2023 Unveiled

Regional Reports BesT have been launched this year, marking the commencement of a regional series offering an integrated analysis of Well-being indicators across Italian territories.

The BesT indicator system, focusing on Italian provinces and metropolitan cities, encompasses a comprehensive set of Fair and Sustainable Well-being (Bes) measures. These are further enriched with additional well-being indicators tailored to capture local specificities. The entire database and metadata are accessible in the section dedicated to the Fair and Sustainable Well-being of territories on the official website and the IstatData platform.

Each BesT Report provides an in-depth well-being profile for the region and its provinces, covering aspects such as their position in the national and European context, strengths, weaknesses, territorial disparities, and recent developments. Released annually, these insights are complemented by indicators on territory, population, and the economy. The BesT 2023 Reports also feature interactive graphics for a personalized exploration of the presented analyses.