Foreign Direct Investments in Sweden 2022 – Assets and Returns

Sweden’s Statistical Central Bureau (SCB) has released insights into foreign direct investments for 2022, focusing on assets and returns. Key highlights include:

Returns on Direct Investments:

  • Returns on Swedish direct investment assets abroad increased by 19% in 2022, totaling SEK 491 billion compared to 2021.
  • Returns on foreign direct investment assets in Sweden increased by 15% during the same period, reaching SEK 272 billion.

Increase in Direct Investment Assets:

  • Swedish direct investments abroad rose by SEK 782 billion, reaching SEK 5,150 billion at the end of 2022.
  • Foreign assets in Sweden increased by SEK 303 billion, amounting to SEK 4,174 billion at the close of 2022.

Sectoral Contributions:

  • Companies in the manufacturing industry of “petroleum, chemical products, and rubber and plastic goods” significantly contributed to the increase in direct investment returns.

Country and Sector-specific Assets:

  • The largest Swedish direct investment assets abroad are in the USA, the Netherlands, Norway, and the UK.
  • Luxembourg surpassed the UK as the country with the largest foreign direct investment assets in Sweden.

Currency Impact:

  • The Swedish krona weakened by 7.5% against other currencies in 2022, influencing the valuation of direct investment assets.–tillgangar-och-avkastning/