Canada’s Wholesale Trade Dips and Climbs Across Industries in October 2023

In the latest economic snapshot, Canada’s wholesale trade numbers for October 2023 show a bit of a mixed bag.

The overall wholesale trade sector (NAICS 41) held steady at 130.31 billion dollars. However, when you zoom in, some sectors saw shifts. Excluding oilseed and grain (NAICS 41112) took a slight dip to 126.78 billion dollars, while excluding petroleum and hydrocarbons (NAICS 412) saw a modest uptick, hitting 85.24 billion dollars.

Farm product merchants (NAICS 411) had a good month, reaching 4.96 billion dollars. Petroleum and hydrocarbons merchants (NAICS 412) maintained a status quo, hovering around the 45 billion dollar mark.

Food, beverage, and tobacco merchants (NAICS 413) took a small step back to 14.85 billion dollars. On the other hand, personal and household goods merchants (NAICS 414) showed consistency, sticking close to 11.43 billion dollars.

In the motor vehicle realm (NAICS 415), we’re looking at stability with 14.29 billion dollars. Building material merchants (NAICS 416) saw a modest increase, going from 11.93 billion to 12.06 billion dollars.

Machinery, equipment, and supplies merchants (NAICS 417) didn’t rock the boat much, hanging around 17.65 billion dollars. The miscellaneous merchants crew (NAICS 418) maintained a cool 10 billion dollars.

These ups and downs in various sectors paint a picture of the dynamic landscape in Canada’s wholesale trade scene. Stay tuned for how these trends unfold in the coming months.