Retail and Business Areas in Sweden: A Statistical Overview of 2020

In 2020, Sweden boasted 585 distinct retail areas, providing employment to over 168,000 individuals in the retail sector. Simultaneously, the country hosted more than 3,700 business areas, collectively housing over 82,000 establishments and engaging almost 2 million workers.

Key Highlights:

  1. Retail Areas:
    • The number of retail establishments within these retail areas reached almost 16,000 in 2020.
    • The total area dedicated to retail expanded by over 2,000 hectares from 2015 to 2020, marking a 30% increase, reaching close to 9,000 hectares.
    • Across all Swedish counties, this growth was most significant in Stockholm County, where retail area land increased by nearly 500 hectares, reaching around 1,800 hectares.
  2. Business Areas:
    • The total number of business areas surpassed 3,700 in 2020, encompassing 82,000 workplaces with almost 2 million employees.
    • These areas fall into five distinct categories, with the “Area with Industry, Commerce, Business Parks, Technical Facilities, and Logistics” type dominating, accounting for 89% of all business areas, totaling 3,333 areas.
    • Other area types include “Animal and Amusement Parks” (35 areas), “Airport” (58 areas), “Area with Higher Education and Healthcare” (176 areas), and “Excavation and Mining Area” (141 areas).
  3. Geographical Distribution:
    • Gällivare Municipality boasts the largest area with business establishments, covering 7,700 hectares, followed by Kiruna with 4,500 hectares. Both municipalities have significant portions dedicated to excavation and mining areas and the category including industry, commerce, business parks, technical facilities, and logistics.
    • Gothenburg ranks third with a business area covering 3,700 hectares, dominated by industrial, commercial, and logistical activities, alongside substantial segments dedicated to higher education and healthcare.
    • Other municipalities with expansive business areas include Skellefteå, Gotland, Borås, Uppsala, and Malmö.