Dutch Economic Outlook: December 2023 Conjuncture Assessment

The Dutch economy, as depicted by the Conjuncture Clock, provides a comprehensive snapshot of its current state and anticipated trends. This tool amalgamates essential economic indicators published by CBS over the past month or quarter. The cyclical nature of the economy is evident, with periods of robust growth interspersed with phases of stagnation or contraction.

In the December 2023 Conjuncture Clock, three out of thirteen indicators outperformed their long-term trends. The following key economic facets are assessed:

  1. Gross Domestic Product (Bbp): A slight decrease was noted.
  2. Consumer Confidence: Exhibited a declining trend.
  3. Consumption: Displayed a decrease in comparison to the long-term trend.
  4. Bankruptcies: A rise in bankruptcies was observed.
  5. Worked Hours: A decline in worked hours.
  6. Investments: Showed signs of contraction.
  7. Temporary Employment Turnover: Demonstrated variation.
  8. Housing Prices: Maintained an upward trajectory.
  9. Producer Confidence: Reflected positive sentiments.
  10. Production: Experienced a decrease.
  11. Exports: Showed stability.
  12. Job Vacancies: Indicated a decrease.
  13. Unemployment: Recorded an increase.

Conjuncture Clock Indicator: The Conjuncture Clock Indicator represents the unweighted average of the indicators (excluding GDP) in the CBS Conjuncture Clock. While the indicator is regularly updated and adjusted with the latest information, the coordinates of the Conjuncture Clock remain fixed after the initial determination.

Deviation from Long-Term Trend (=0): -0.692

Insights into Economic Trends: The economic cycle exhibits fluctuations, and managing systems during periods of decline presents a challenge. Proactive planning is essential, particularly for custom-built systems and those requiring updates. The real-time assessment of economic indicators aids in identifying areas that need attention and rectification.

For a more in-depth understanding of the conjuncture and related topics, explore the CBS Dossier Conjuncture.