Mortality Update: Life Expectancy for Norwegian Men Reaches 80.92 Years

The latest mortality data for Norway reveals that the total number of deaths in Week 51 of 2023 reached 979, contributing to a total of 45,774 deaths in 2022. Among these, 22,882 were men, and 22,892 were women.

The life expectancy at birth for Norwegian men in 2022 stands at an average of 80.92 years, marking a significant increase from previous years. In 2012, the corresponding figure was 79.42 years. Similarly, for women, the life expectancy at birth is 84.35 years in 2022, demonstrating a positive trend over the past decade.

These statistics provide valuable insights into demographic trends and the overall health landscape in Norway. The consistent rise in life expectancy underscores improvements in healthcare and living conditions, contributing to an aging yet resilient population.