Critical Security Alert: Microsoft Edge Vulnerability Exploited

A significant security vulnerability has been unearthed in Microsoft Edge, posing a potential threat to users. The flaw, marked as CVE-2023-7024, allows attackers to exploit unspecified security issues in versions of Microsoft Edge earlier than 120.0.2210.91, based on Chromium version 120.0.6099.130.

According to Google, this vulnerability (CVE-2023-7024) is actively being exploited, emphasizing the urgency for users to take immediate action.

Microsoft has released a security bulletin on December 21, 2023, providing detailed information about the vulnerability and issuing patches to address the issue. Users are strongly advised to refer to the official bulletin here for guidance on applying the necessary fixes.

Taking prompt action to update Microsoft Edge to version 120.0.2210.91 or later is crucial to safeguard systems and data from potential cyber threats. Stay vigilant and prioritize cybersecurity to ensure a secure online experience.