Labour Force Characteristics in Canada by Occupation (2019-2023)

The annual report on Labour Force Characteristics by Occupation provides insights into Canada’s workforce dynamics. The data, spanning from 2019 to 2023, reveals key trends across various occupations. Here are the highlights:

  1. Total Employment:
    • The total workforce across all occupations witnessed a steady increase, reaching 21,325.8 thousand persons in 2023, compared to 20,274.9 thousand in 2019.
  2. Management Occupations:
    • Management roles experienced growth, with the total number of persons in such positions rising from 1,725.4 thousand in 2019 to 2,018.4 thousand in 2023.
  3. Business, Finance, and Administration Occupations:
    • This category, excluding management, displayed consistent growth, reaching 3,357.8 thousand persons in 2023.
  4. Health Occupations:
    • Occupations in the health sector exhibited steady growth, with the total number of persons increasing from 1,455.3 thousand in 2019 to 1,590.1 thousand in 2023.
  5. Education, Law, and Social Services Occupations:
    • Occupations in these sectors showed an upward trend, reaching 2,387.3 thousand persons in 2023.
  6. Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sport Occupations:
    • Employment in these fields increased from 585.3 thousand persons in 2019 to 673.3 thousand in 2023.
  7. Sales and Service Occupations:
    • This category, excluding management, experienced growth, reaching 4,589.7 thousand persons in 2023.
  8. Trades, Transport, and Equipment Operators:
    • Occupations in this sector showed an increasing trend, reaching 3,191.2 thousand persons in 2023.
  9. Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Production Occupations:
    • The workforce in these occupations displayed fluctuations, ending at 391.8 thousand persons in 2023.
  10. Manufacturing and Utilities Occupations:
    • Employment in manufacturing and utilities remained relatively stable, with 878.4 thousand persons in 2023.
  11. Unclassified Occupations:
    • The unclassified category exhibited variations, standing at 446.8 thousand persons in 2023.