Monthly Natural Gas Consumption by Sector in the Netherlands

In a recent release, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) provides a detailed monthly breakdown of natural gas consumption by sector in the Netherlands, starting from January 2019. This granular data, aligned with the sectors in the Climate Agreement and the Climate and Energy Outlook (KEV), offers insights not typically available on a monthly basis.

Typically, such data is reported annually, but this new release goes beyond, allowing for a better understanding of consumption patterns. The monthly figures, made possible by data from major consumers (grootverbruik) provided by regional grid operators, have been tracked since January 1, 2022. Unfortunately, monthly data for the transportation sector is not currently available.

The table also includes the variance between supply and consumption. While this difference is around 2 percent annually, the monthly figures exhibit a larger gap due to increased uncertainty. This comprehensive dataset is a valuable resource for policymakers, analysts, and the public to monitor and understand the dynamics of natural gas consumption in the Netherlands.