Norway: Building Cost Index Shows Increase in Plumbing Work Expenses

The latest update on the Building Cost Index for plumbing work in office and business buildings reveals a notable change in expenses. The index, updated on January 15, 2024, indicates an overall increase of 5.3% from December 2022 to December 2023.

Key highlights from the report:

  • Overall Plumbing Work: The index for plumbing work in total rose from 295.8 (December 2022) to 311.4 (December 2023), reflecting a 5.3% increase.
  • Administration Costs: Administrative expenses showed a 3.9% growth, with the index climbing from 207.7 to 215.7 during the same period.
  • Labor Costs: Labor costs experienced a modest 2.5% increase, moving from 214.0 to 219.4.
  • Material Expenses: The cost of materials used in plumbing work demonstrated a significant rise of 6.2%, reaching from 360.5 to 383.0.
  • Sanitary Installations: Expenses related to sanitary installations increased by 4.6%, with the index moving from 295.0 to 308.6.
  • Heating Installations: Plumbing work associated with heating installations saw a notable 6.0% increase, with the index climbing from 297.0 to 314.8.