Germany Launches “Energy-Reducing Components” Funding Program for Road Freight Transport

Germany has initiated a new funding program titled “Energy-reducing components” (EMK) aimed at promoting the integration of components that significantly and sustainably contribute to lowering CO2 emissions in the commercial vehicle fleet. Detailed information about the funding program is available on the official website under the section for funding programs dedicated to road freight transport.

The primary objective of the funding initiative is to provide incentives for the incorporation of innovative components in new vehicles that have a tangible and lasting impact on reducing the overall carbon footprint of the commercial vehicle fleet. By encouraging such environmentally friendly purchasing decisions, the program seeks to unlock previously untapped potential for emissions reduction.

For further details and application procedures, interested parties are encouraged to visit the program’s page on the website dedicated to funding programs, specifically within the road freight transport category. The program’s launch aligns with Germany’s commitment to advancing sustainable practices within the transportation sector and addressing climate change challenges.;jsessionid=9C0D999C005B45768F3A6AA934346254.live11311