Chancellor Scholz Outlines Vision for Sustainable Industrial Future at IG Metall Congress

Chancellor Olaf Scholz envisions Germany as a sustainable and internationally competitive industrial nation with well-paid jobs, emphasizing the need for a transition to fossil-free production.

Speaking at the 25th Congress of the IG Metall in Frankfurt, Chancellor Scholz outlined the goal of maintaining a robust industrial sector while achieving carbon neutrality. This ambitious objective necessitates substantial changes, moving away from traditional reliance on coal, oil, and gas toward renewable energies like wind, solar, and hydrogen.

The German government has committed to expanding renewable energy sources and facilitating the development of a hydrogen infrastructure to support this transition.

Chancellor Scholz emphasized, “By the middle of this century, Germany will continue to have well-paid, globally competitive industrial jobs. However, they will rely on electricity from renewable sources and increasingly on hydrogen produced from renewable sources.”

On October 24, 2023, Chancellor Scholz participated in the 25th Congress of IG Metall, the highest decision-making body of the union, held every four years. The congress involves a review of past activities, decisions on future tasks and goals, and the election of a new leadership. Chancellor Scholz congratulated the newly elected chairperson, Christiane Benner, and expressed gratitude to the former chairman, Jörg Hofmann, for his dedicated service.